minimalist landscape photography of the beauty and uniqueness of nature

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axel ellerhorst

minimalist landscape photographer


Minimalist landscape photographer from Germany

I have dedicated myself to minimalist landscape photography of the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

The landscape photographer’s minimalism

The photo agency Lookphotos in Munich, Germany calls me „The Nostalgic Poet“. This description fits my photographic style, because my mostly minimalist imagery is shaped by the rather rough and barren landscape of the German North Sea region. Today, puristic, authentic fine art landscape photographs of the beauty and uniqueness of nature are created with great passion.

Landscape photography in 1:1 square format

I shoot my fine art minimalist landscape photography with the available light. Working with a digital Nikon full-frame system camera and fast Nikon lenses. Preferably with the 24-70 mm zoom, but also with 14-24 mm super wide angle and the 70-200 mm telephoto. I shoot in 3:2 RAW format for commercial use via the photo agency and select specials shots for cropping. My other gear? Manfrotto tripod as well as Kase ND filter, Kase Big Stopper and Kase polarizing filter. Post-processing is kept pleasantly economical with my self developed presets in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. For gallery images, I like to shoot in an aspect ratio of 1:1 or cut my original landscape shots to a square format – inspired by the famous english landscape photographer Charlie Waite. With the courage to normalize, my pictures should create a conscious distance from the often colorful mainstream. As a minimalist landscape photographer, I would like to contribute with my pictures to sensitize people and their perception and thus to preserve nature. I spend as much time as possible in the most beautiful places at the North Sea and on other coasts, as well as in the mountains and in the woods and the wilderness of the national parks in Germany and elsewhere.