Fine art seascape photography of the coast and beyond

The primal power of the elements has always had a great attraction for me. Especially on the coast. This is where I was born and this is where I am at home. The dark storm gathering over the sea. In between is the sunlight, which only briefly breaks its way through dramatic cloud formations. The salty spray of towering waves from the rolling surf in the wind. Earth, fire, water, air. Nature is bigger than humans.

The Nostalgic Poet

The Lookphotos picture agency in Munich calls me “The Nostalgic Poet”. This description fits my photographic style, because my visual language is influenced by the rather rough and barren landscape of the North Sea region and the creative means of the old masters of painting. Today, I create my fine art seascape photography of the coast with great passion, fascinated by the elements and the uniqueness of nature.


I take fine art seascape photography with the available light. I work with Nikon full format and fast Nikon lenses. Preferably with wide angle, but also with super wide angle and telephoto. I shoot in 3:2 RAW format using Manfrotto tripods as well as magnetic Kase ND filters and a Kase polarizing filter. Post-processing is kept pleasantly economical and authentic using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. With the courage to be normal, my fine art seascape photography is intended to create a conscious distance from the often colorful mainstream.

As a landscape photographer, I want to use my pictures to encourage you to dream, to think and thus sharpen your perception of nature. I spend as much time as possible in the most beautiful places in the national parks on the North Sea and on other coasts. I often ask myself the question: what footprint do I want to leave behind? Here on the coast and beyond.